Terms & Conditions

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We really appreciate your time spend on filling in the order form. You're almost done. Few more clicks and we start printing :) For your convenience only we put this short summary.

•    In most cases CleverSteps products are individually sutomised items. Please keep in mind that huge orders may take a while to complete. Since we try to keep you satisfied you will always get the information on expected date of dispatch. It usually takes no longer than 3 working days.

•    Although our tokens and figurines are not identical, unlike plastics made from mould, we DO have quality control over our products and it is impossible to receive a faulty item. All shipped products are ready to use. There is of course returning policy that you can read about by clicking Terms and Conditions link placed at the bottom of this page.

•  The minimum order is €15 and basically we won't start printing if you don't reach the minimum. However, if you need a special order just hit the contact button :)

That's all for now! For full Terms and Conditions in Polish and English language versions just click one of the links below. Thank you for buying CleverSteps products! Now sit tight and wait for your order!

ENG: English Terms and Conditions

POL: Regulamin po Polsku