This unique system gives you an opportunity to get rid of messy cardboard tokens. All of them.

4 slots are located around stand base and are hidden in grid corners, so there is no need for extra space around the figurine. Now you can stack information on your figurines! How cool is that?:) You can insert:

  • HP  (represented by red counter)
  • Strain (represented by small blue counter)
  • Bleed  (represented by hexagonal token)
  • Focus  (represented by hexagonal token)
  • Stun (represented by hexagonal token)

Set contains:

Hit Points counters set (114 pieces)

Condition tokens (5x Focus, 5x Stun, 5x Bleed)

Strain counters set (25 pieces)

25x 4-slot universal Stand (just contact us what colors you need)

Stand raises figurine only by 0.6mm so it's almost unnoticeable. You can order stands in any available colors:

  • white
  • pink skin
  • light grey
  • beige
  • yellow
  • very light orange
  • pink
  • heather
  • very light blue
  • blue
  • navy blue
  • red
  • brown
  • silver
  • black
  • semi-transparent
  • green
Additional accessories such as compatible tokens are available at Imperial Assault directory.

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Imperial Assault Counters System

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